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About Us

About Us

Sidey has been manufacturing high performance windows and doors for over 80 years. Through the 1990’s and early 2000’s the business grew significantly on the back of the investment in social housing refurbishment through the ‘Decent Homes’ and ‘Quality Mark’ initiatives, and as we approached the late 2000’s we looked to find the next growth market.

Offsite Construction

It was clear to us that offsite construction was a growing market, a market which leant itself to our skills as a business in offering tailored solutions to specific needs allied to the provision of high specification fenestration products.

Our Product

But we knew that we could not enter this market simply by offering ‘me-too’ windows and doors; rather we needed to offer this sector something new, something different. To that end we designed, manufactured and patented KitFIx ® – a bracketing system to enable windows and doors to be installed in offsite manufacturing factories with a huge range of benefits for all in those involved in the delivery of buildings constructed this way.

Designing KitFix ® was our entry ticket into the offsite market, and we have continued to develop and grow our presence ever since.

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