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Offsite Construction to Play Integral Role in Two of the Biggest Growth Sectors

It has been widely reported that two of the largest growth sectors in the coming years will be Affordable/Social Housing and Student Accommodation, to which Offsite Construction will play an integral role in assisting with delivering such projects on time and within budget. Steve Hardy, Sidey’s Joint Managing Director commented...

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Will the changing make up of the population determine the future of construction design?

It has almost come up on us un-noticed that the make up of the population in the UK has changed dramatically.  Of course it has been changing for a long period of time, but it is only now that there is this sudden realisation that it definitely has changed and...

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Like the sound of distant drums the noise about the shortage of housing in the UK is gradually being heard by all

“I was really interested to read an amazingly in depth analysis about the scale of the shortage of housing in the UK and the reasons for it on the BBC website recently.  It was an excellent piece and summarised perfectly the facts of the situation.  Of course for those of...

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Offsite Construction creating a voice for itself in the building sector

For a number of years now, those of us who understand and embrace offsite construction have been championing its benefits through our own marketing messages. However, so far they have been isolated, individual, and often un-coordinated campaigns to try and raise awareness of offsite construction’s value to society in general,...

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The Great Debate – Is Offsite Construction the answer to the delivery challenge faced by the UK Construction Industry?

With turnover predicted to reach £7billion by 2018 has the offsite construction sector finally found a place on the mainstream construction agenda?  Could it indeed make the difference to the UK construction industry in its quest to deliver 200,000 new homes per year as well as new schools, student accommodation,...

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