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Glastonbury 2014 – Sidey headlines in festival town

Glastonbury 2014 – Sidey headlines in festival town

Working with offsite manufacturer Southern Timber Frame Sidey has headlined on the development of 11 one and two bedroom properties for private sale in Glastonbury Somerset. The dwellings are built to the highest standards using the latest offsite manufacturing techniques.

For offsite fenestration experts Sidey the site in Glastonbury is the latest showcase for their range of bespoke solutions developed specifically for use by and with offsite manufacturers.

Sidey Solartherm® high performance factory double-glazed casement windows were installed into the timber-frame kit off-site at Southern Timber Frame’s factory in Southampton. Using the KitFix® system to enable the windows to be fitted offsite in a transport position to fully protect the fenestration during its journey to site and during the erection process, the factory controlled installation process was quickly and easily completed. Once on site and with the timber frame erected the windows were commissioned to their final position and operating standards by Sidey’s site engineers guaranteeing their technical and installed performance including air & water tightness.

The windows were protected from transport damage by the application in the Sidey factory of their unique Scratchguard™ system. Applied through a mechanised factory process the environmentally friendly coating ensures that expensive sealed units do not become scratched during the journey to the offsite manufacturer’s factory, the installation process, or on the onward journey to site when the windows are an integral part of the building envelope. The coating is only peeled off once the entire development is complete.

The final part of the commissioning process saw Sidey’s engineers clip the cill nosings into position and then complete the window sealing back to the factory fitted air-tightness membranes to ensure that the ‘as built’ performance of the windows was as originally specified or better. On this particular site the air-tightness solutions guaranteed a performance of 3m³/hr/m²@50Pa around the windows.

Southern Timber Frame immediately recognised the added value benefits of installing the windows off-site in their factory utilising the Sidey KitFix® system. The project build was considerably faster; with the windows already installed the building structure was weather tight much sooner than would be achievable by constructing using traditional methods; follow on trades could start earlier; and overall site completion could be achieved in a reduced time enabling the developer to handover sooner.

Additionally, site health & safety was greatly improved by there being no window deliveries, no requirement for window installers on site or for products to be manually moved around. With the site being in an urban location not having to store windows prior to installation provided another logistics and cost benefit.

Speaking for Sidey, Development Director Mike Stevenson commented “Being involved with Southern Timber Frame on this project worked really well. They instantly saw the benefits that using our bespoke off-site solutions could bring; not just to them directly but to all parties involved in the scheme”.

“For us it is another great justification for the investment we made in developing these products in the first place, and proves once again that building offsite is practical, cost effective, and offers other multiple benefits throughout the whole process”.

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