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KitFix ® System

KitFix ® System

The Sidey KitFix® System was designed with offsite manufacturing in mind. Our innovation addresses the needs of offsite manufacturers by adding value to timber frame and SIPs offerings whilst delivering significant benefits to contractors and ultimately the client.

The system enables fully glazed, fully finished windows and doors to be installed into timberframe and SIPS panels as part of the offsite production cycle whilst having little effect on stacking, transportation and erection of finished panels. The system includes a wide range of clip on cill solutions that enable cills over 200mm to be added after erection of the timber frame structure.

The Stages Of The KitFix ®

Stage 1 – The KitFix ® brackets are twist fitted to the window/door frame at pre-determined centres.  Optional air-tightness, thermal or acoustic seals can be integrated at this stage.

Stage 2 – The window/door is moved directly above the aperture of the horizontal panel and lowered into the opening.  The KitFix ® is screw fixed to the external face of the timber frame/SIPS/Steel frame into which the windows/doors are to be installed.

Stage 3 – The fenestration is now secured into its transportation position in the knowledge that it is protected within the panel.  Panels are stacked, banded and loaded in the normal manner.

Stage 4 – Once on site the panel is erected in the normal manner.

Stage 5 – At the appropriate stage of construction using the sliding action of the KitFix ® systems the window/door is simply pushed into its first fix position and after being checked for squareness in the aperture final fixings are inserted.

Stage 6 – There is an option to snap of the bracket tail before fitting internal plasterboard.

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