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Market Overview

Market Overview

Market Overview 1 smallIt is predicted that the offsite market will be worth more than £7 billion per annum by 2018 – still a relatively small part of the overall construction budget in the UK, but growing nonetheless.

In addition to the financial growth of the offsite market its impact on the thinking of the market is also growing.  There is a realisation after early concerns that the technology and innovation associated with offsite manufacturing is reliable; there is a growing recognition that the supply chain partnerships which offsite suppliers advocate should not to be kept at arms length but in fact should be encouraged to help develop and deliver outstanding buildings.

Key Factors

There are also a number of other key factors which clients looking to build should be aware of in terms of the benefits of building ‘offsite’

  • Cost and delivey predicatability are significantly better than when building through traditional means.
  • Smaller and tighter urban locations are more easily built upon using offsite methods than by using traditional methods.
  • The skills and the labour shortages which people have spoken about for so long are very real and are impacting right now. Building offsite takes away these twin impacts.
  • The impact of on-going materials shortages which impact the traditional building market are offset by building offsite.
  • Quality control in offsite manufacturing plants delivers a more consistent approach to production and a more guaranteed surety of final quality.

There are many other benefits to building through offsite construction and these will continue to develop as the uptake for this kind of manufacturing continues to grow

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