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Offsite Industry

Offsite Industry



Our unique KitFix ® system enables the installation of windows and doors in a controlled factory environment allowing OSM’s to add value to their offering. Windows and doors are fitted as a part of the factory cycle in just minutes. The windows are slid back into the offsite panels enabling them to be transported to site without risk of damage and without impact on delivery payloads.

Air-tightness, thermal or acoustic membranes can be factory installed within the window installation process. Overall performance of the structure is enhanced through windows and doors being fitted in a consistent manner in a controlled factory environment.


builder-headWindows and doors are installed offsite in a controlled factory environment. Structures become wind and water-tight immediately the panels are erected. Follow on trades can begin work sooner. Reduced risk of arson or site damage as structure is secure. Eliminates need for site scaffolding.

Eliminates need for site attendance by window/door installers. Reduced Health and Safety risk due to reduced site attendance. Eliminates need for site storage with cost and space saving benefits. Clip on Cills for fitting after completion of external fabric.


architect-headOffsite installed windows and doors deliver a surety of performance to be as designed when built. Windows are installed in factory controlled conditions. Less damage on site, less cost. High specification windows and doors fitted with air-tightness, thermal or acoustic seals in a controlled factory environment. Environmentally friendly through reduced payloads/deliveries to site.


developers-headHigh performance windows and doors delivering enhanced thermal performance, air-tightness and security. Windows pre-installed at OSM’s deliver better performance through consistent and factory controlled installation practices. Factory fitted windows ensures there is no requirement for site attendance by installers leading to faster site build and reduced prelim costs. Offsite manufacturing delivers cost predictability. Offsite manufacturing offers delivery predictability. Environmentally friendly through reduced payloads/deliveries to site.

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